Ece Özel


Born and based in Istanbul, Ece’s life has always been surrounded by music as a result of her father owning a bar. Her DJing career started as some kind of a battle of selections in 2009- selections of cosmic/synth disco, slo-mo, disco edits, new wave, house and techno. As time went by, her selections turned into more intimate mixes and brought her a residency at Istanbul’s Minimuzikhol. Having started playing abroad, Zurich became a second home to Ece. 

Playing with the likes of Young Marco, Lena Wilikens, Jan Schulte, Kim Ann Foxman, Jennifer Cardini, Hrdvsion and Paramida; her leftfield music taste that is a unique combination of disco, new beat/new wave and techno keeps on attracting pioneering venues and audiences.

Recently she started a night called "Özel Zevkler" in home club Minimuzikhol, where she combines her special taste of post-punk & new wave styles to darker and mystical electronics and beyond. 


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