Grup Ses Beats

From all Grup Ses projects and mixes that can be found on the internet, it’s easy to think that the work is that of several hyperactive artists.

What’s impressive is that behind the deep knowledge of turkish and electronic music culture is a single person. He is mostly known for his ability to mix
obscure turkish rarities with contemporary sounds and his sets are highly appreciated by night clubbers in Istanbul. 

Grup Ses Beats productions do not ride on the 70s anatolian rock revival/edit wave, but actually manages to create something authentic and highly listenable.

Supporting artists such as De La Soul, Dj Premier, The Gaslamp Killer, Daddy G, Gonjasufi and Tricky during their performances in Istanbul, performing in various festivals such as Distortion (Denmark), Le Guess Who 2012-2014 (Netherlands), Off Istanbul (belgium); Grup Ses Beats' latest news is the killer album "Alliance" on Besides Records.


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