Kaan Düzarat

Kaan Duzarat slowly built his reputation starting with his radio program, Kompozit at Dinamo (fm 103.8) since 2003. In recent years, he started Vesvese on air to broadcast the parties he hosted under the same name. Vesvese spread its roots with the parties ‘‘Sali Sallanir’’ -meaning tuesday rocks - that held at Kucuk Otto between the years of 2009-2012 with Arman Akinci and guests like Dez Andres, Kasper Bjorke, Daniel Bortz, Nicolas Jaar, Portable, Kate Simko, Move D, Soulphiction, Tevo Howard, Fred P, Mike Huckaby, Eddie C and more. Vesvese parties continue at another legendary spot, Minimuzikhol on thursdays while Duzarat's new curation Orange Date is also on with names such as Darkside, Kyle Hall, Marcellus Pitmann, Francois K, Soul Clap, Wolf + Lamb, No Regular Play.

In 2013, Duzarat attended Red Bull Music Academy, New York. Working on production and paying his respect to his influences of turkish folk he started local collaborative project FOC edits. 

Kaan’s musical journey gathers detroit techno to disco, jazz and folk. You can find him continuing his journey around the sounds of the uiverse, digging records, hosting radio shows, chopping samples and breaking analog systems at his vinyl and sound equipments shop and studio, Analog Kultur at Galata, Istanbul


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