Nusaibin, the band, consists of four members at its core and can expand to a bunch with guests and collaborations.  Core members are; Moguz, responsible for arrangements and electronics (sampling, synths, drum machines), Tarik Aslan and Ezgi Elkirmis responsible for percussions (daf, frame drum, djembe, dehollo, darbuka, cajon, tabla, bongo, udu) and Onur Özçelik, on string instruments (electric guitar, fretless electric and classic guitar, e-bow, kopuz lute, ogur sazi). Unity of these four musicians created a left of center sound that is unaccustomed. Their music combines east’s cultural and humble instruments and west’s unclean electronic arrangements. The songs they construct through improvised recordings are formed by collaborations with fellow musicians and music groups from various eastern cultural backgrounds. Experimenting and not overthinking is their way of production. Studio sessions are ongoing for an album release in autumn. 


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